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Privacy Policy

Carlton Packaging LLP are committed to preserving the privacy of all of its customers and visitors to its website at http://www.carltonpackaging.com (the “Website”). The privacy policy set out below explains how Carlton Packaging LLP uses and protects the information that is provided to it by its Customers. Carlton Packaging LLP reserves the right to update and amend this privacy policy at any time without notice. You are responsible for reviewing the privacy policy on each occasion that you visit the Website, and if you continue to use the Website after amendments have been made then you are deemed to have accepted the amendments. If you follow a link from the Website to a third party’s website, this privacy policy will no longer apply. Carlton Packaging LLP are not responsible for the information handling practices of any third party websites and recommends that you read the privacy policy specific to such websites. By opening a Credit Account with Carlton Packaging LLP or using its Website you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your information by Carlton Packaging LLP under the terms of this privacy policy.

1. Information About Us

Carlton Packaging LLP is a company incorporated in England and Wales under company registration number OC380622, whose registered office address is at Bridge House, Ward Road, Milton Keynes, MK1 1JA. Please see the “Contact Us” page on the Website for full contact details.

2. Collection of Information

If you apply for a Credit Account with Carlton Packaging LLP you will be asked to complete a Credit Account Application Form, which requires that you provide certain information about you and your organisation, including contact details and trade references. Carlton Packaging LLP will collect information from you or your organisation if you complete a Credit Account Application Form or order goods from Carlton Packaging LLP. Carlton Packaging LLP may collect information about you when you contact us, whether by telephone, fax, email or post, and may also collect any information you submit via any online forms, message boards, forums, surveys or any other interactive sections that may be on the Website from time to time. Carlton Packaging LLP may also collect information about your use of our Website and will use Cookies in the manner described below.

3. Use of Information by Carlton Packaging LLP

If you apply for a Credit Account with Carlton Packaging LLP the information you provide will be used by Carlton Packaging LLP to verify your organisation’s identity and to process the Credit Account Application. We may also carry out Credit Reference Searches (details of which are set out in section 4 below). If Carlton Packaging LLP approve your Credit Account Application and open a Credit Account for your organisation, Carlton Packaging LLP will use the information provided to administer your organisation’s account and to process any orders for goods received. Unless you have expressly asked us not to do so, Carlton Packaging LLP may use information provided for marketing purposes, to undertake marketing analysis and to make general improvements to the Website and the Carlton Packaging LLP’s products. Carlton Packaging LLP will keep your information secure by taking appropriate measures against its unauthorised or unlawful processing and against its accidental loss, destruction or damage. Carlton Packaging LLP will retain your information for as long as it is needed for the purposes set out in this privacy policy or as otherwise required by law.

4. Credit Reference Searches

If you apply for a Credit Account, Carlton Packaging LLP may make enquiries (and share information) with credit reference agencies and any other third parties it deems necessary. When a search is made with a credit reference agency they may provide both public information (including information from the electoral register and in relation to County Court judgments) and shared credit and fraud prevention information and a footprint will be placed on your credit file by them which can be seen by other companies and lenders. Carlton Packaging LLP makes such enquiries, and shares information with credit reference agencies and other third parties, to verify the identity of your organisation and/or any of its representatives that purport to act on behalf of your organisation and for assessing the application for credit, monitoring and managing your Credit Account and for the purposes of debt collection, tracing and fraud prevention.

5. Disclosure of information by Carlton Packaging LLP to third parties

Carlton Packaging LLP may share your information with credit reference agencies and other third parties (as described at section 4 above). Carlton Packaging LLP may also share your information with any associated organisations or business partners of Carlton Packaging LLP for administrative purposes and so that any information or products you have requested can be provided. Carlton Packaging LLP may also share your information with another organisation which buys or is interested in buying our business or assets or to whom Carlton Packaging LLP transfers its agreement with your organisation and in the course of any negotiations which may or may not lead to such a transfer or sale. Carlton Packaging LLP may allow third party providers and contractors who supply goods or services to Carlton Packaging LLP or who process information on behalf of Carlton Packaging LLP incidental access to your information. In such circumstances, Carlton Packaging LLP will endeavour to ensure that they keep your information secure and do not use it for their own purposes. Carlton Packaging LLP will disclose any information provided if required to do so by law (such disclosure may be to enforcement authorities or to a third party in the context of actual or threatened legal proceedings) to the extent so required. Unless permitted or required to do so by law, Carlton Packaging LLP will not otherwise share sell or distribute any of the information provided to us by you or your organisation without consent.

6. Cookies

“Cookie” is the name of a message given by a web server to a web browser. The message is then stored by the web browser in a text file called “cookie.txt” and can be removed from your system at any time. Each time the web browser requests a page from the web server, this message is sent back. A cookie’s main objective is to identify users and personalise their visit by customising web pages for them, for example by welcoming them by name next time they visit the same website. Where we use cookies we will invite you to provide personal information such as your name, e-mail address and interests. Carlton Packaging LLP may use “cookies” for collecting your information from the Website. However, Carlton Packaging LLP will not collect any information about you without your knowledge except as required for the system administration of the Website server. You can also set the preferences for most web browsers to automatically block cookies.

7. Your Rights

You have the right to see any of the information Carlton Packaging LLP holds about you on payment of a statutory fee (currently £10.00). You also have the right to correct any errors in the information Carlton Packaging LLP holds about you; please inform Carlton Packaging LLP of any changes you would like to be made to your details so that we can keep our records accurate and up to date. You have the right to opt out of receiving any marketing material from Carlton Packaging LLP or any third party at any time.